Aswell as our Online business we also have a wholesale side of the business where we trade FMCG goods, Textiles and bespoke gift products tailored for the specific client

Eurotrade [W] Ltd's has many areas of expertise. We like to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our bespoke services comprise of the following areas:

Our Regular Lines:

Nescafe Coffee, Disposable Lighters, Colgate, Swan Paper, Aquafresh, Toiletries, Drinks such as Coca cola, Duracell Batteries. These are lines we sell on a regular basis. These are sold to various wholesalers, discount retailers and cash and carrys.


Our Buying team has the expertise to search out exciting new opportunites by visiting exhibitions, increasing their supplier database and always on the look out for the next big thing. This then brings new product developments and design to give our customers the edge in the market.

Over the years we’ve built up an enviable network of contacts to ensure we flourish in this area; this is key to our ongoing business success. All of our suppliers are audited regularly across the Far East (located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Xiamen), Africa and Europe; where large quantities of products have been successfully sourced, developed and delivered through our advanced knowledge of local culture, laws and legislation.

If our retail customers have any specific product requests or ask us to make amendments to product and packaging designs to allow for greater flexibility within ranges and price points, we aim to please. So if there’s anything you want, just ask.


We have dedicated teams of experienced merchandisers based both in the UK and the Far East, mainly Hong Kong. Through their knowledge and expertise we can make sure that all customer orders are progressed from placement through to delivery, as promised. This team is completely focused seeing customer orders through to delivery on time without compromising on our excellent service record.

Quality Control:

Our Quality Assurance department, based in the UK and in Hong Kong, has a strong reputation for improving and maintaining the quality of products to ensure we remain fully compliant with EU standards and legislation. The same processes are first done at source in the far east where the documentation is approved and the product is tested for quality before production starts, then the sample is tested again in the UK by an external laboratory. Then when the sample is approved by us and the customer, production can start.

During production, inspections take place at the factory and the products have to meet a certain standard to pass before they can be shipped out. So therefore all products selected by our buying teams go through a Quality Approval assessment to ensure compliance with all relevant standards, legislation and specific customer requirements. We will continue to monitor and review our systems and procedures on a regular basis to maintain these high standards.


Packaging design plays a crucial role in the perception, value and success of every single product. Used effectively it can portray luxury and sophistication. Whatever message you’re looking to convey to customers, packaging design is the way to create instant shelf appeal.

Design and innovation is integral to our business and the development of many of our markets. Either the customer or us will come up with a design to reflect the product. We have the most innovotive team in place that has great imagination and really can make your product come alive.

We offer retailers a complete and personal design service in-house: from developing the products themselves to complex or bespoke packaging solutions. All we need is a brief to match your retail strategy. After working through this with you, we’ll get our team of qualified designers on the case. As well as being talented, they’re quick to react to client demands and market trends. Every winning design is backed up by a detailed knowledge of production techniques, to make sure that we can manufacture the finished product efficiently, on time and on budget.

Customer Service:

Our Customer Services team are always on hand to give you an experienced support line to any customer that requires assistance. We are here to help with any issues from problems with products to arranging replacements on the goods we hold in stock.